If you are a Settlement Class Member who acquired a Fortnite random item "Loot Llama" loot box or a Rocket League random item "Crate" loot box where the contents were not known until after you opened it, you do not need to complete a Claim Form in order to receive 1,000 V-Bucks or 1,000 Credits in the Fortnite or Rocket League account in which you acquired that item. You only need to submit this Claim Form if you believe you are entitled to, and would like to receive, the additional benefits made available by the Settlement.

To receive benefits, you must file a Claim Form. We encourage you to do so online on this website. Claim Forms must be submitted no later than April 26, 2021. Claims submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. A Claim Form must be completed by a legal adult, but parents or guardians may submit claims on behalf of minors.

Class Members may file only one Claim Form related to Fortnite purchases and one Claim Form related to Rocket League purchases, and may receive only one benefit for each game, regardless of the number of separate game accounts a Class Member may have had.

Before completing your Claim Form, it is important that you completely read and understand the information regarding the Settlement and your rights. Please review the FAQs for more details.

This is a United States based action. If you did not reside in the United States or its territories at the time you made the purchases at issue, you are not eligible to participate in this Settlement.

Refunds for Real Money Purchases

If you bought virtual currency or any other in-game item within Fortnite or Rocket League, or if you acquired an in-game item using virtual currency that you purchased with real money, you may file a claim to receive partial reimbursement of your purchases as either as a cash/digital payment, or a deposit of V-Bucks into your Fortnite account or Credits into your Rocket League account.

If you request a cash/digital payment and your claim does not exceed $25.00, you may be awarded the entire amount of the claim in cash. If you request a cash payment and your claim exceeds $25.00, your award will be capped at $25.00 plus 50% of the amount by which the claim exceeds $25.00, up to a maximum total of $50.00. Your payment may be reduced based on the amount of funds available to satisfy all claims.

If you request V-Bucks or a Credit benefit, and your Claim does not exceed the amount for which Epic Games sells 13,500 V-Bucks or 13,000 Credits, you may receive a V-Bucks or Credit benefit in proportion to the full amount claimed. For example, if you select a V-Bucks benefit and the claim is in the amount of $80.00, you will receive 13,500 V-Bucks deposited into your Fortnite account.

Please review FAQ 5 for more details regarding payments.

Minor Contractual Disaffirmation

If the Claimant (i) was a minor at the time they used real money to purchase V-Bucks or Credits from Epic Games or a third party, or made other real money purchases from Epic Games in connection with their play of Fortnite or Rocket League; (ii) made these real money purchases with their own money (not a parent's money or using a parents credit card); (iii) did so without permission from a parent or guardian; and (iv) wish to obtain refunds for those purchases, they may receive a refund for one-third (1/3) of the total purchase amounts at issue or $50.00, whichever is less.

Contractual disaffirmation, as a matter of law, must be total. For this reason, by making this claim, the Claimant must agree to the closure of all Epic Games accounts that you/they opened while you/they were a minor. If the Claimant is a minor, a parent/guardian will be able to open a new account and allow the Claimant to play on it, but the Claimant cannot open a new account for themselves until they are an adult. If the Claimant is now an adult, they may open a new account themselves.

Documentation Documentation must be provided to support your claim if you made the real money purchase from a source other than Epic Games. This can be a screen shot, picture, or document that clearly shows the product(s) or item(s) purchased, the total amount paid, the timestamp, and the invoice/order/confirmation identifier. You also must provide documentation if a purchase was made from Epic Games, but you cannot provide the date of purchase.

Documentation needs to be clear, readable copies, as nothing will be returned to you. Acceptable files for online filing must be one of the following formats and no larger than 20MB per file: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, or zip.

How to File Online:

To file online, you will be asked to provide information regarding the Claimant, Parent/Guardian (if the Claimant is a minor), Game Account(s), and purchase information including price, date, and item. You will also need describe how you have been damaged or harmed by your real money purchase(s) (or, if you are seeking a refund of a virtual currency purchase, the damage or harm that resulted from or related to your use or attempted use of that virtual currency in the game) and why that damage or harm entitles you to a benefit. Lastly, you will be able to upload any documentation required to prove your claim. Any Claim Form related to Fortnite purchases must be submitted separately from any Claim Form related to Rocket League purchases. Please select the game you wish to start your Claim Form below:

How to File by Mail:

If you would like to file a Claim Form by mail, download a copy of the Claim Form. Please read the form carefully, fill it out completely, and attach any documentation. Then, send the completed Claim Form to Settlement Administrator at the following:

Epic Games Settlement
Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 2973
Portland, OR 97208-2973

Remember, all Claim Forms must be electronically submitted or postmarked by April 26, 2021.